Windows Reminder

BAT: La boucle FOR

FOR /R - Loop through file
FOR /D - Loop through several folders

Parameter Extensions

When an argument is used to supply a filename then the following extended syntax can be applied:

we are using the variable %1 (but this works for any parameter)

%~f1 Expand %1 to a Fully qualified path name - C:\utils\MyFile.txt

Expand %1 to a Drive letter only - C:

%~p1 Expand %1 to a Path only e.g. \utils\ this includes a trailing \ which will be interpreted as an escape character by some commands.

%~n1 Expand %1 to a file Name without file extension or path - MyFile
or if only a path is present, with no trailing backslash, the last folder in that path.

%~x1 Expand %1 to a file eXtension only - .txt

%~s1 Change the meaning of f, n, s and x to reference the Short 8.3 name (if it exists.)

%~1   Expand %1 removing any surrounding quotes (")

%~a1 Display the file attributes of %1

%~t1 Display the date/time of %1

%~z1 Display the file size of %1

%~$PATH:1 Search the PATH environment variable and expand %1 to the fully qualified name of the first match found.

Git: les commandes principales

git clone URL_dun_depot // cloner un dépot.
git status  // avoir le status
git init // créer un dépot local
git add -A // ajouter les fichiers changés
git commit -m "un commentaire pour expliquer les changements" // confirmer les changements.
git log // avoir un log de ce qui c'est passé sur le git.

git remote add origin // mettre le git local sur le git du serveur
git push -u origin master // pousser les fichiers sur le master.

git pull // récuper les changements du serveur.
git push // pousser les changements sur le serveur

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<HEAD : toi
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>13415625755435167548658 : une autre personne

git branch // affiche les branche et montre sur laquelle on est.
git checkout -b leNomDUneBranche //créer une branche leNomDUneBranche
git checkout master // retour à la branche master

git merge leNomDUneBranche // merge la branche leNomDUneBranche avec master